We are improving the way we calculate rents and service charges.

This is why we aim to talk to you over a period of 4 weeks about what our vision is for a newly refreshed, fair and simple rent and service charge structure. We know that there are inequalities within our existing rents and service charges, an example is that our bedsit and 1 bedroom homes are presently 6% more expensive than other Housing Associations in the Scottish Borders.

The following survey will ask you a series of questions regarding how we charge you rent for your home. We presently have 29 different rent charges, we would like to reduce that number. In addition,we intend to invest significantly more in improving the quality, safety and condition of your home. In order to do so we will ask you to consider a rent increase %.

We value your feedback and contributions and hope we are able to reflect your views within our renewed rent and service charge structure going forward.

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001,
section 25, a Housing Association must:

The first chart opposite details the breakdown of the main elements of BHA’s annual expenditure, on average, over the last 5 years.The second chart is our planned expenditure next year, demonstrating the increase in our planned investment in your homes.

To continue to improve the quality, safety and condition of your home, we plan to invest £0.5m more in our properties than we did in the 2019/20 financial year, and this will be £1.95m more than we spent, on average, over the five year period between 2014 and 2019.

Please select one of the following:

BHA propose to apply a 3.9% increase to all rents and service charges from 6th April 2020. Please advise if you

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